Data Recovery Services

We at The Real Computer Shop offer a highly competitive Data Recovery service using an off-site partner, for when a hard drive or memory stick has been damaged or corrupted and we are unable to save the data in-store.

Due to the complex nature of this work all recovery repairs sent away are subject to an upfront evaluation fee. In the event of a completed recovery this charge is included in the total cost and will be deducted from the final bill.

Pricing Guide

Deposit/Evaluation Fee £99
Electronic Fault – Totally dead (no power/noise) or Burned PCB  £259
Firmware Issues – Drive seen in BIOS but unreadable £329
Firmware Issues – Drive not seen in BIOS and unreadable £379
Physical Fault – Head Failure, Drive Clicking or Spinning Down £379
Physical Fault – 2.5” Drive Seized Motor or Drive Buzzing/Clicking £379
Physical Fault – 3.5” Drive Seized Motor or Drive Buzzing/Clicking £499
NAS Drives £379
RAID 0 Configured Drives £499
RAID 5 Configured Drives £979

All prices are guidelines and may increase if special parts are required to complete the data recovery.

Turnaround Time

Normal Service – 7 to 10 working days No extra charge
Express Service – 3 to 5 working days  x1.5 normal charge
Emergency Service – 1 to 2 working days x2 normal charge


Data recovered up to 16GB will be returned on a memory stick. Any larger recovery will need to be transferred to a hard drive either supplied by the customer to us or from ourselves at the following rates;

64GB USB Stick £30
500GB Portable Hard Drive £50
1TB Portable Hard Drive £60
2TB Portable Hard Drive £80

Original hard drives will be destroyed in the process of recovery and as such unfortunately cannot be returned.

Any further questions please get in touch either via our contact page or through one of our stores.

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