Full System Setup

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Have your computer fully set up according to our 11 Point process. 

  1. Computer Inspection: Test the computer to make sure there is no damage to the casing, faulty pixels on the screen or other issues.
  2. System Load: Activate and register the computer in your name.
  3. Interface Check: Keyboard, mouse, touchpad, touchscreen all checked (unless you don’t have one, in which case we reserve the right to not check)
  4. Connectivity Check: Test the wireless, USB ports and display ports (along with any other ports as appropriate, including Vintage Port, though this may be retained on a case basis)
  5. User Account Creation: Create individual user accounts for yourself and any other named user on the computer.
  6. System Clean Up: Removal of adverts, trial programs and junk software that comes preinstalled by the manufacturer (the stuff you always wondered why was included and never actually used)
  7. System Update: Full update of the computer including upgrades to the latest operating system where appropriate.
  8. Antivirus Install: This one’s self-explanatory – we install and configure your antivirus program.
  9. Software Installation: Any software purchased with or requested for the system is installed and setup ready for computer use – Office suites, multimedia players or internet browsers are our usual options here.
  10. Hardware Installation: Where new hardware has been bought with or brought in to be configured on the new computer we will get them working together if possible. Some items may not be configured such as wireless printers – which must be done on your home network to work properly.
  11. Grubby Finger Print Removal: We cunningly hide our work by giving the computer a full wipe down before sending it out the door so you can amaze your friends and neighbours by showing how your computer came perfectly configured out the box with seemingly no human intervention!
Full System Setup


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